How we work

The Inflow Journey

Keeping our customers happy is as much about getting the first steps right as it is the ongoing support.
The Inflow journey is designed to keep you happy from day one.


We’ll book a discovery call or meeting to understand your requirements. There might be something specific you want, or you might want our guidance on solving a problem. Whatever it is, we’ll set these goals early on and tick them off in our proposal.


We’ll need to assess the current contract situation to ensure we pay off the remainder of any existing contracts. We’ll need some information from you to work this out.


We submit our proposal which will have met all of the goals we set at the start and more often than not we will introduce really impressive savings. And, if you want to see the products weʼre offering, weʼd love to have you visit our showroom.


Once you’re happy with our proposal and have agreed it with us, our project management team step in and work with our engineers and your IT team to plan a seamless installation at a time that suits you.


Now you have your new solution built specifically for your requirements, with lower costs and a comprehensive support package for complete peace of mind.

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Just need a price?

Sometimes our customers come to us knowing exactly what they want, or they have a really simple requirement and they just need a price. If that’s the case, get in touch today and we won’t keep you waiting for a quote.

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